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Class Info

Welcome to the 2021 summer physical education course. Our course is designed to give students their freshman pe credit upon completing two summers of physical education. Each summer equals 1 semester of pe.

There are 2 sections of summer PE:

*PE 1 - First time participants

*PE 2 - Year 2 students

Summer PE Update and Sign-ups

Sign ups for Summer PE will open April 19th at 7:00pm

***You need to fill out the registration form to be enrolled in Summer PE, just because you marked that you were interested in Summer PE on your student's scheduling form doesn't mean they are signed up.***

Click the link below for more information about Summer PE and to sign up.

Summer PE 1 information 2021 (students who have never taken High School PE)

Summer PE 2 information 2021 (students who have taken 1 semester of HS PE)

If you have questions, please contact a teacher listed on the page below

Additional Information

To those who are registered for class, welcome. We are looking forward to learning more about each of you and are excited about our different summer PE activities, including the all-day hiking trip. Here are some informational items:

We will start each day at 8:00am so students should be in the building and ready to go by then. Students should enter the school at door 11 (south side of the school, it is the Natatorium entrance). These doors will be unlocked from 7:30 until 8:15. We will meet in the field house on the green floor.

Food - This year the school is offering free breakfast and lunch. When your student gets to school they will be handed a sack breakfast. When they leave they will get a sack lunch. On extended field trip days the breakfast and lunch will be in the same bag. If you are planning on having your student eat, the sooner they can get to school the better so they are not trying to eat and exercise at the same time!

Uniforms – Our summer school uniform policy is a bit different than our normal policy. You will need shorts and t-shirt (no tank tops/cut-offs) plus athletic shoes. At this point, wear whatever colors you would like. The main rule is that they must meet the school dress code (no suggestive messages, no alcohol or tobacco references, no revealing clothing, shorts must be lower than fingertip length). It is a good idea to have 1-2 extra sets of clothes that you can keep in your PE locker. That way you can change if needed.

Extra fees – We will be going on several field trips. Your deposit for the class will serve as your fee for the summer PE class. This covers equipment costs, transportation fees associated with the field trips and the cost of rentals. There may be some additional costs for the trips, mainly eating expenses (optional). Generally, students will be on their own for lunch on the extended trips. This means they can pack a lunch (or have a school lunch) or pay for a meal at a fast food place we would possibly stop at. More info will be coming when school starts about each of the field trips and what is required.

Computer Access – All of our class resources and assignments will be on google classroom. It would be helpful if students have internet access outside of school, but is not required to take the class. Incoming 8th grade students will be assigned a Chromebook on day 1. This is the same Chromebook they will have all 4 years of high school. They will also be able to take this home and keep it over the summer. All students should bring their laptops every day except field trip days.

**Current students at Northridge should keep their laptops on the last day of school.**

**Just a reminder to PE1 students: you need to make sure you bring your Laptop use agreement form with you on day one (unless you have already emailed me).**

Here is a LINK to the form

Field Trips - you will get more information from your student about each field trip a couple of days before each one. Because each class is so large we need to split the classes into two groups for all of the field trips except for the hiking.

We will split the classes into the groups either day1 or day2. We get student input on groups before we split to try and keep friends together in the same group. So you should be finding out that first week which day your student will be going on those field trips.

What else to bring - Students are also welcomed and encouraged to bring a water bottle as we will be outside for many of the activities. It would also be nice to have a small athletic bag with back straps so when we use the bikes they can bring water/snacks with them. Snacks are encouraged, as we will be having breaks planned into each class. Sunscreen is another item that will be important to have on hand. Hats will also be allowed for outside activities. Students can shower/change clothes during this time if they wish.

Absences – It is assumed that your student will be in class every day. If something comes up in which your student needs to miss, please contact one of us ASAP. Absences could result in no PE credit!

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have. We are really looking forward to this class!

Our PE Teachers

Clint Borntrager

Upon graduating from Goshen College in 2000, Mr. Borntrager continued his master's education through Adventure Education where he excelled in conducting large group instruction and team building activities. Mr. Borntrager has coached track and field at Goshen College and Northridge High School. Currently, he holds 12 titles at the Strong Man Competition. Mr. Borntrager currently lives in Goshen with his wife, Liz and their two children.

Nicole Swanson

In 2005, Mrs. Swanson received her bachelor's degree from Bethel College. She currently teaches freshman health and physical education classes at Northridge High School. Mrs. Swanson leads summer school PE 2 classes. She lives in Elkhart with her husband, TJ and their two children.

Thomas Wogomon

Mr. Wogomon teaches Sport and Rec and Health classes at Northridge High School. He began his teaching career after graduating from Ball State University in 1992. Mr. Wogomon then earned his masters degree from Indiana University. Mr. Wogomon in his spare time enjoys fishing and golf. He lives in Middlebury with his wife, Maria and their 3 children.

Troy Carson

Upon graduating from Hope College, Mr. Carson has taught for 26 years. At NHS, he teaches chemistry classes as well fitness classes. Mr. Carson lives locally with his wife Kathy and their two children.

Andrew Brabender

Mr. Brabender graduated from Hannibal LaGrange University in 2001 and also received a masters degree from Olivet Nazarene University in 2009. He has been teaching physical education in the Middlebury school system grades k-5 since the fall of 2002. He just finished his 12th year as the head baseball coach at Northridge. He lives with his wife and 4 children in Goshen, IN.

Scott Radeker

Mr. Radeker graduated from Cortland State University in 1991 and also received a masters degree in education from Walden University. He has been teaching physical education/health courses for 27 years. Additional to teaching, Mr. Radeker is also the boys varsity basketball coach. He lives Middlebury with his wife, Robyn and their 2 children.