This Strategic Plan will guide the Montrose County School District toward igniting a contagious spark of learning for students and staff.  The mountain is not higher than our potential, for it will be under our feet when we reach the top!

Montrose County School District is a public school district located in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

As you travel throughout our district, you’ll see amazing scenery with mountain views and winding rivers.  This is a special place where both our beautiful landscape and diverse population are celebrated and enjoyed. We provide our students a wide variety of pathways from Career Technical Courses, College Prep Courses, STEM electives and a wide variety of other exploratory opportunities.  Montrose County School District is a great place to work, learn and experience the outdoors.

Take it to the Limit, our strategic plan, has been constructed  based on staff and community feedback and participation.  It focuses on strategic initiatives and action plans that guide our staff and students toward continuous improvement.

Our Strategic Themes: Culture, Instruction and Systems are the outcomes of a collaborative feedback process with staff, students and the community.  Collected feedback helped to prioritize key initiatives and indicators that set the direction of our district work for the next three to five years.