State Competition


  • State Conference is March 14-16, 2019 in Athens, Ga. We leave Wednesday first thing at 8, 3/14, and return mid-day Saturday 3/17 after the awards and closing ceremony. The conference is located at the Classic Center, and we typically find a hotel nearby. Competition cost is $85. Hotel cost is additional, TBD based on the number of students and cost. Any TSA funds you have can be applied to the costs for competition and hotel. Chaperones and guests can also attend. They must be volunteer-certified by Monroe County Schools and pay the registration fee, which is $35.
    • Registration deadline is February 15th. However, the sooner we know the numbers of students attending, the sooner we can reserve hotels and finalize costs.

This is the info and links you’ll need for state competition:

  • Permission Slip linked here.
  • 2019 State Conference Schedule pending.
  • Overview of the different competitions offered at State Conference here.
  • Download the rules sheet for each and every competition for state in a single PDF in this zip file folder. Also view these files via google drive here to only download specific ones.
  • Some of the competitions at state have a specified “THEME” or “CHALLENGE” (problem) each year. If one find one that has one, it’ll be explained here.
  • If anything in the original rules was printed incorrectly, needed further clarification, or is updated in anyway, that will be here. You're responsible for checking this periodically.
  • State Leadership registration info from Georgia TSA is posted here.
  • Scores from last year if you'd like to see how good you need to be to place!
  • General Rules Info for TSA can be found here.
  • Electrathon Race Info