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Check out these slides for updates on what is happening in the Language Acquisition department, particularly cultural awareness and upcoming events. 

Two credits in language acquisition courses, which may include American Sign Language, may be used to complete Option 1 of elective credits required for graduation. If students select a world language to fulfill the Maryland diploma requirements, it is recommended that the 2 language acquisition credits be in the same language. The goal of the  Language Acquisition program is to prepare students to be linguistically and culturally competent in languages other than English. The ability to communicate in a culturally appropriate manner with speakers of other languages is the key to success in the increasingly diverse global community of the 21st century. As students develop proficiency in world languages and an understanding of the underlying values and beliefs of other cultures, they gain the skills that are essential to meaningful communication. Language Acquisition courses must be taken in sequential order. The prerequisite for all courses, except 1A, is either successful completion of the preceding course or a local placement test. 

Language Acquisition Gives You The Competitive Advantage:

Want to know more?  Please email or call Ms. Rebecca Hanford, Resource Teacher.  Contact details for the Resource Teacher and the administrator for Language Acquisition are attached below:

Ms. Rebecca Hanford, Language Acquisition Resource Teacher

Phone:  240-740-6400 ext 12880


Mr. Eric Stancell, Administrator for Language Acquisition

Phone:  240-740-6407