Welcome to the Silver Spring International Middle School Virtual Art Show!

"Art has the potential to unify. It can speak in many languages without a translator." - Former Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan

We all know the vital role the arts play in connecting us to our shared humanity, especially during times of uncertainty. COVID-19 has disrupted nearly everything in our lives, but not our need to create. As arts educators, we are heartened that in these times where our society is confronted with challenges, so many people in our community and around the world turn to the arts as methods of coping. We are watching movies together or listening to music, reading books and composing poems, trying new recipes or beautifying our homes. Many of us are trying new crafts, or pursuing new mediums for creating. We are finding peace in our yoga practices or joy in learning new TikTok dances to stay "hip" with our kiddos. It is art that brings us together while we are apart.

Much of the work you will see in this show has been completed since our school closure in mid-March. Students and teachers have had to become more imaginative with what is deemed an art material. Coffee grounds and food coloring have become paint. Bits of newspaper and old clothes have become canvases. Sticks and dirt are now pencils and drawing paper. Our students have had find to creative ways to solve the problem of not being able to create art in the Art Room. Some students turned to found objects; others to digital media. However we create, it is in the nature of the creating that we find purpose, joy, and unity.

The photography classes, due to the nature of digital media, were recoverable and as such will have work from all year.

We, the art teachers, felt that since we cannot be together to celebrate our students in person, that we should still celebrate all of the obstacles that they have overcome to pursue creativity, however it calls. We hope you enjoy this year's Spring Art Show. Welcome!

Sincerely and with Best Wishes,

The SSIMS Art Teachers

Ms. Lisa Jennings

Ms. Vicki Johnson

Ms. Shelby Umetsu