Springbrook HS Hospitality

Welcome to the Hospitality program at Springbrook High School!

Why Should You Take These Courses?

Restaurant Management/ Culinary Arts gives students the opportunity to explore the food service industry and develop skills for employment based on industry standards. Helpful for students interested owning or working in a restaurant, going to culinary school, or majoring in Hospitality Management or other hospitality related fields. You also get to make and eat food!

How Do I Get Started?

To start the full program - sign up for International Cultures and Cuisines or Culinary Essentials. You can also meet with Mr. Lomax in room E111 for information.

POS Info:

The Program of Study (POS) provides students with a planned, sequential program that blends academic, technical, and workplace skills to prepare for college or a career. The POS contains a minimum of four credits and includes relevant courses and a capstone experience such as an internship or a college course. Many POS may lead to the attainment of industry/professional certification (e.g., through formal assessments or course hours). POS are designed collaboratively with colleges, including Montgomery College, and some programs and courses have articulation agreements. An articulation agreement establishes the process for students to earn college credit for courses completed in high school. If there are articulation agreements associated with a POS, an award form will be included.

Upcoming events: