A Guide to using your Dell Laptop for Special Education

*Note - this guide is a living document that is updated daily - we will add to this resource throughout each week*

Why would I need to remote access to VPN?

  • Drive Mappings and Access to MCPS network shares (H:, T:, S:, etc - My Documents, teacher shared, student shared)

  • Access to MCPS sites within the firewall

  • Access to School Menu (Staff applications/links)

  • Remote Troubleshooting or Installation of Applications by your ITSS

Once I have remote access, how do I log-in to VPN/FortiClinet?

Step 1: Connect to a wireless network by clicking on the wireless radio icon (you must be successfully connected to a network in order to proceed to the next step).

Step 2: Next, click on Sign-In options (pictured in the circle below).

Next, click on the FortiClient shield.

Next, Enter your MCPS network credentials and press the Enter key or the arrow next to the password.

How do I apply for remote access?

All MCEA staff as of 11/4/2020 now have remote access.

Your supervisor will need to start the process (step 1). Feel free to forward these instructions to them when you request VPN access to get more out of your laptop.

How can I save my files to my documents?

  • To access your mcpsmd.net Google files, please click on the "Google Drive File Stream" shortcut in 'LocalApps' on the menu and login with your Google email. You should then see a G: drive with your files. If you don't see a Google Drive File Stream shortcut, please login through Forticlient or on the MCPS network to get the updated shortcut.

  • Users with VPN access and log in through VPN using the steps above, should be able to save to and access their home directory at school

  • MCPS has limited the ability to save to the laptop’s hard drive, as it is not secure, nor is it recoverable if there is a problem with the device. You should also be able to save to a flash drive.

How do I connect to my home WiFi or mifi device?

  • For Home networks - Please click on the wifi icon on lower right, click your network name, and enter your password.

How do I access the full Zoom client?

  1. Launch zoom from mcpsmd.zoom.us and make sure to select the resources tab on the top-right.

  1. Select Download Zoom Client

  2. Select Download to run the client version (blue launch button)

  1. Once installed, you will now have access to all of the full features of Zoom - gallery, blackboard, polling, scheduling, etc.

I am having trouble accessing my home directory, what do I need to do?

  • Please refer to the instructions above to request remote access. If you are having trouble with VPN, try connecting to http://wvd.mcpsmd.org to access your files.

My microphone is barely producing sound. How can this be fixed?

  1. Make sure to login using VPN.

  2. After 10 minutes of being connected to VPN, an update will install automatically to your laptop.

  3. After 15 minutes, please restart your laptop.

  4. After the update to your Dell audio driver, your microphone should now be fixed.

My sound is working, but the audio keeps dropping out.

  1. Try disabling sound enhancements. Right-click speaker icon on lower right->sounds->recording tab->right-click microphone->properties

How can I print from my laptop?

  • Most wireless printers (purchased within the past 4-5 years) on the same network should automatically show up

  • If your printer is not on the wireless network, try connecting it using a usb cable

How do I use a flash drive with my laptop?

  • Insert on either side of the laptop and you should hear a noise and the drive will appear under 'This PC' in windows explorer.

  • If nothing happens, you may have a faulty flash drive.

How can I connect my laptop to a larger monitor or to my television?

  • You can connect an HDMI cable from the side of your laptop to a monitor or television that has an HDMI input port.

  • Usually when connected, the laptop will automatically discover the additional monitor/tv and begin to display either a mirrored display (showing your screen) or an extension of your screen. Please refer to your display settings, to adjust your display with your monitor/tv.

Having trouble with accessing MOIEP?

You may be experiencing a slow internet connection and will need to use WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) to connect.

If this occurs, please go here to access WVD (windows virtual desktop).

My headphones aren't working

  • Make sure you plug your headphones before you start your computer. If already started, please reboot your computer so it can detect your headphones.

  • If no sound after rebooting, click on the speaker icon on the lower right and try selecting the headphones just above the volume bar

How do I access applications, such as Boardmaker Studio?

  • Boardmaker and other applications are on the school menu under 'local apps'

  • if you click on the search icon on the lower left and type in 'board' it should find it.

Is there a guide that can show me the different ports and specifications of my laptop?