Hours: Due to the unique hybrid schedule we are on, please schedule an appointment with Mrs. Light to visit the library

Please use the Grab-n-Go Library Form and Destiny Discover to request library books to be pulled for later pick up. Please allow 24 hours for requests to be fulfilled.

The library houses material for research, reference, and leisure reading. Over 12,000 books are available as well as an ever growing collection of eBooks for checkout and reference research. Computers provide various software programs, including on-line databases and word processing. Internet access is available for those students. Students are expected to have an Acceptable Use Policy on file.

The library is also open 24/7 at Destiny Discover. Make sure you are searching Christiansburg High School, Christiansburg, VA.

Students may come to the library individually from a class, provided that the teacher has called first to see if there is room to accommodate the student(s). Students are expected to come directly to the Library Media Center and sign in using the computer on the desk. When it is time for them to leave, they must click the “out” button. Questions or problems with the system should be directed to Mrs. Light.

Students may also use the library independently during their lunch period, provided that they have a pass. The Library is also open both before and after school.

Food and drink, except water, are not permitted in the library. All cafeteria food should be consumed in the cafeteria.

Librarian: Susan Light

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