What is Centered On Success?

Centered On Success is a research-based program sponsored by the Montgomery County Educational Foundation to support student success through trauma-informed intentional awareness.

Centering helps to support:

  • Awareness of the present

  • Emotional self-regulation

  • Self-care

  • Reflection

  • Stress management skills

  • Curiosity

  • Memory

  • Listening skills

  • Focus

  • Learning readiness

How does being centered work?

Pay attention to the present moment, not the past or future.

When a thought or feeling comes up — and it’s normal that they do — remember that smooth-flowing stream. Your thoughts and feelings are like rocks in the stream.

To center, concentrate on the slow, smooth water itself as it encounters each obstacle — each thought or feeling — and moves past them without a struggle.

It’s not bad to get stuck on a thought or a feeling. Thinking and feeling are important, but centering offers mini-breaks from both. When you get hung up with a thought or emotion, picture it being carried away by the water. You can always find it later. Go back to looking for the spaces in between.

Centering is not a complicated technique that only a few can achieve. It’s not religious or spiritual. It’s just a tool that has a good effect on your brain.

Anybody can do it, and with practice, anybody can do it for longer and longer stretches.

Practicing centering is like practicing music or a sport. You have the ability to become centered. The more you practice, the easier it gets, and the greater the benefits you’ll experience.