MHS Course Registration

2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR


A Message from the Principal

Take pride! You are among the more than students who make Middleton High School what it is – an outstanding school! Our success is due to the high level of student performance in all areas of school life. We’re glad that you are part of our student body.

In order for our school community to fulfill its mission, Middleton High School needs to be an environment that is both compassionate and challenging, a culture in which students are valued as individuals and stretched to achieve their full potential. It is my hope that this course offering book will assist families in their efforts to create such an environment — by selecting courses that help each student realize his/her dreams. Students - please keep in mind the following advice:

Challenge yourself! Take challenging courses — yet maintain a balance between school, home and co-curricular obligations.

Plan ahead. Use the 4-year planning guide to map out your course of study. This includes making course selections aligned with post-graduate plans.

Choose carefully. During your four years at MHS you will have many opportunities to explore your interests (4 years * 7 courses per year). The course selection choices you make in January/February determine which courses will and will not be offered next year.

We are proud to be able to offer a broad curriculum, which ensures that our students are prepared for whatever they choose to pursue upon graduation. Additionally, our school is much more than our curriculum and we know that if all you do is “get through” the requirements for graduation, you will have missed many excellent learning opportunities. We view our mission as getting you ready for life and to this end we encourage you to find co-curricular activities with which to become involved. Life is more than plugging through your job—it will be much richer if you see the fun to be had by interacting with other people. Drama, music, athletics, yearbook, clubs... there are so many wonderful possibilities. Dare to become involved and to have fun. Know that we enjoy a community, which supports its schools and students, as well as students and faculty who make this a wonderful place to learn.

Peg Shoemaker , Principal