Team 5S

Mrs. Cree & Mrs. Luker

Hello Students, Family, and Friends!

Welcome to the website of Team 5S (as in "Saber Cats"!) at Glacier Creek Middle School. We are excited to share this website with you and hope that you will find it helpful as we travel through this school year together! Please use this site to access our team calendar, homework assignments, announcements, and helpful resources. If you have any specific questions, please contact us!

School Closure Updates

Please use our website as a starting point to help navigate our school closure due to COVID-19. We will post essential links, news, and information on our School Closure Page.


  • Create a schedule for your day - suggested schedule and problem solving linked below.
  • Check your email daily and email Mrs. Cree or Mrs. Luker if you have questions on your work (contact information below)

Contact Information

Joanna Cree (preferred method of contact)

608-829-9521 (available 7:45-9:45 or 3:45-4:45)

Math and Social Studies

Twitter: @GCMSRoom213

Instagram: @GCMSRoom213

Elizabeth Luker (preferred method of contact)

608-829-9502 (available 7:45-9:45 or 3:45-4:30)

Literacy and Science