edpe 640

Welcome to Emerging Technologies for Educational Change (EDPE 640)!

Course Overview:

Emerging technologies have the power to sustain, transform, and disrupt education.

Students will work with and explore emerging technologies that may have a large impact

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on teaching, learning, research and creative expression. EDPE 640 is a practical hands-on course grounded in constructivist learning theory.

Students will build a personal learning network (PLN) using Twitter and create a blog to post reflections and thoughts on themselves as learners, students, and teachers. These tools will also be used to reflect on:

  • systems thinking (cybernetics)
  • the 'big' ideas (in education and life:)
  • thinking about the 'thinking' (metacognition)

Required Texts:

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Here's the Fall 2015 Structured Overview

Video Teasers & Trailers

Course Framework

The following resources will be used to frame the course:

New open source resources for Fall 2015 course:

Resources from last year:

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Course Website, Twitter #hashtag:

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