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The students in Mrs. Evans’ French I classes recently learned about the devastation that occurred last April when the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris suffered a fire that burned for nearly twelve hours. This, now severely damaged piece of gothic architecture, has stood above Paris for nearly 850 years. Fortunately, thanks to the brave efforts of the “Sapeurs-Pompiers de France” (French Fire Brigade), the church was saved and plans for reconstruction are already underway. In an effort to send encouragement, McDonald’s French students created a banner with each student writing a personal, encouraging sentiment in French that will be sent to a fire department in the 5th district of Paris, one of the closest to the location of Notre Dame.

French Club (Le Cercle Français)

Les Officiers:

La Présidente: Kyleigh Sierra

La Vice-Présidente: Hannah Werle

Le Vice-Président: Ethan O'Connell

La Secrétaire: Dominique Madden

La Trésorière: Theresa Greathouse

L'Histoirienne: Reagan Seidel

French Club Cheese Tasting

Les Croissants, Les Cartes, et Le Café!