Morrison Academy Online Learning Resources

Morrison Academy is committed to helping teachers, students and parents during times that Online Learning (OLL) is required. This page is a central location for definitions, ideas and resources for OLL. Each campus has an OLL site for specific instructions for each grade level and course.

Components of OLL

Live Video Options

Uses for Live Video

  • Introducing new material

  • Group work (see breakout session features on Zoom)

  • Whole class, small groups, one on one

  • Q & A

  • Feedback

Screen Casting

Video while presenting slides or other visuals on the screen to share with students

Uses for Screen Casting

  • Recorded lessons

  • student presentations

  • tutorials

Learning Resources

  • Quality videos

  • E-textbooks, websites, articles, reference materials, and primary sources

    • See grade level resources below

  • Assessment options

  • Video and audio recordings, learning websites, google apps, photos

  • Platforms to upload learning:

    • See Saw

    • Google Classroom

Links to Grade Appropriate Resources