APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University Exam WAR-ROOM details

some General Instructions

For all the Students

  • Students coming from other state/country / under quarantine/ without undergoing quarantine / with minor flu like symptoms /containment zone/hotspot etc. should compulsorily report the matter to this email id : exams.ktu@mbits.edu.in or at mobile nos: 9961936977 / 9447028429 at least two days in advance to the exam day. Failure in reporting these and hiding symptoms related to COVID-19 will be considered as a serious offence.

  • Students are required to be present in the examination hall at 9.00 am for the forenoon session and 1.00 pm for the afternoon session (1.30 pm on Fridays).

  • Students are requested to check the seating plan available below this page before coming to the exam. .

  • Students must wear masks all the time.

  • The hall tickets will be issued to the students (including centre-changed students) by the invigilator after verifying identity.

  • Students should bring their pens, water bottles, sanitizers and any other permitted tools required for the examination. These items should not be exchanged between students.

  • Students must sanitize hands before entering the exam.

  • Students must bring their own stationery required. Sharing of any items is strictly prohibited inside exam hall.

  • Students must be in proper uniform & wear College-ID card.

  • Students should not gather inside or outside examination halls.

  • Social distancing must be maintained throughout the process.

  • Students are not permitted to wander in the campus.

For the Students from Other Colleges

  • Students of other colleges must produce their college ID card or government approved Photo ID card Also a copy of ID proof is to be submitted.

  • The center-changed students shall bring a valid ID proof (College ID, Passport, Aadhaar, Voters ID, Driving License and other valid IDs) and its photo copy on each day of exam. After verification, the copy of photo ID card shall be signed by the student in presence of the invigilator and same shall be deposited in the plastic bag kept for it.

  • For the center-changed students, ID proof is a compulsory document to write the exam.

Inside the Examination Hall

  • Students can enter one by one and invigilator will allot answer sheet after pasting the barcode and marking attendance. After this the student must proceed to his/ her allotted seat and remain there till the end of exam.

  • Students after completion of their exams must stand up to inform the same to invigilator and when invigilator allows, the student can deposit his/ her answer in the dedicated cover allotted for it and can leave the exam

  • After the allotted time of exam, invigilators will be holding the covers for collecting answer scripts. Students must deposit the answer sheets inside the cover with no contact with anything other than the answer

  • After handing over the answer scripts like stated above, students must proceed to leave the campus strictly observing social distance.

For Additional Information Contact:

  • Shri. Tinku Soman Jacob

Chief Superintendent

Ph: 9961936977

  • Shri. Mahesh S

Additional Chief Superintendent

Ph: 9447028429

(More details can download from below)

detailed Circulars,Guidelines & Other documents

seating arrangements (Will upload atleast 1 day before the exam)

Click on the below date to view the seating arrangement for each session