Grade 7

Welcome to Grade Seven!

Welcome to Grade 7! We look forward to a lot of learning this year!

Please contact your child's homeroom teacher or me, Lauren Giunta, the Team Leader if you have any questions.


The seventh-grade team is very happy to have your child in our classrooms. We will strive to provide your child with an outstanding academic education as well as, continued education on the Fowler School Core Values.

Upcoming Events:

We have several activities planned for your child this year. Any upcoming events will be posted on the 7th Grade Calendar, so please check it regularly.

Homework info:

The teachers will keep nightly homework assignments updated on the Grade 7 Homework Page. Please check homework assignments with your child and make sure they are staying up to date with their work.


If you have any questions regarding any of your child's subjects, please email that subject's teacher. We are always here to help.