a picture of me on the left, on the right side overlooking the Sonoran desert from the top of Picacho peak.

view from Picacho Peak, c. 2021

Nick Juricic (he/him/his)

Graduate Assistant 

University of Arizona

Email: juricic@arizona.edu

Office location: ENR2 S390AA

Office hours: varies by week (see Math 116-003 syllabus)

In-person location: ENR2 S390AA

Location online: https://arizona.zoom.us/j/8528121525 

Hello! and welcome, to my website. To say some things about myself: I like to listen to and write music, and I enjoy nature, animals as well as bugs, such as bees and dragonflies. Many video games have captured my attention for long numbers of hours, such as Skyrim and the Souls series (e.g. Dark Souls), and I try not to talk about it but also DOTA 2. I love peace and if you throw me some I will return it. 

I studied math at the University of Connecticut (UConn) as an undergraduate. I LOVE integrals and all integration related queries, activities, and undertakings. If you visit my office, please check out my integrals of the weeks, months, and sometimes semesters. As the number theorist G.H. Hardy once said:

"I could never resist a definite integral."