External Micrometer up to 500 mm

Dial Gauge

0 to 100 mm

Vernier ,Dial and digital caliper up to 1000mm

Heigth Gauge

Up to 600 mm

Three point internal micro (Hole test) 6 mm up to 150mm

Pin gauge 0.144 mm to 25 mm

Steel Ruler 0 mm to 2000 mm

Taper Gauge up to 75 mm

Dial Test Indicator

0 mm to 1.5 mm

Bore gauge up to 200mm

Micrometer Caliper for internal measurement 5mm to 125mm

Depth micrometer

0mm to 300mm

Depth micro checker

0mm to 300mm

Caliper checker / check master

0mm to 600mm

Level gauge

-25mm to 25mm

Chamfer gauge

0.2mm to 5mm

Plain ring gauge

4mm to 150mm

Plain plug gauge

1.0mm to 55mm

Thread plug gauge

pitch 0.7 up to 2.5mm

M4 to M145

Thread ring gauge pitch 0.7 up to 2.5mm

M4 to M115

Dial Thickness Gauge up to 30 mm

Radius gauge 0.1 mm to 82 mm

Pitch gauge 0.25m up to 6.35 mm

Plain gap gauge up to 150 mm

Angle Block up to 60°

Angle Level up to 60°

Test Sieve All range

Pocket Ruler (Steel tape)

Precision Square up to 300mm

External Micro (Inter chang Anvils)