Mrs. Barna's 4th Grade


I am looking forward to teaching your child this year, and I hope that we can work together to make it a fun and exciting experience for everyone. If a parent or guardian needs to reach me, my email address is, or you can call the school and set up an appointment to see me during my planning period (9:40-10:20) or after school. My email is open all day and I check it periodically throughout the day. Except for emergencies, please do not expect me to have impromptu conferences in the hallway prior to the start of the day. My mornings are for catching up with the students about their evenings, answering homework questions, and preparing for our day. You can always send an email or note if there is a message you would like for me to receive.

Fourth graders should be able to be responsible for their own things. This includes coming into the school building in the mornings with all the things they need for the day. Students should walk down the hall, hang their own backpack on their hook, and proceed to the cafeteria (if arriving before 8:00) or classroom (after 8:00). Please allow them to do this on their own. We work very hard on being responsible for ourselves and our belongings in fourth grade. Additionally, if your child's schedule has changed, please send a note. We keep these in a special place so that everyone gets to where they should be at 3:00! Thank you in advance for your cooperation on these daily procedures.

Our classroom tends to get cold. Please allow your child to bring a sweatshirt or jacket that they can keep on their chair so they will be comfortable.

The following paragraphs contain information about how things "go" in 4th grade. Please read over the explanations of each subject so you and your child will become familiar with our routine. Remember to be flexible! Sometimes things change that are beyond my control!


Fourth Grade uses the GoMath! series which will address the Common Core State Standards for Math. We will have daily math lessons and homework each night. The homework will be discussed the next day, and students are to save each lesson until the end of the chapter. We will do this in a math folder in our desks at school. There will not be a daily homework grade. Students are to correct their mistakes on their homework daily, and ask questions in class to aide in comprehension of the subject matter. We will have a "homework quiz" two times per chapter. Students will be required to use their homework pages for this quiz. IT IS IMPORTANT TO THEIR GRADE THAT THEY LEARN TO BE ORGANIZED AND KEEP THEIR MATH PAGES TOGETHER. A participation grade will be given for having their homework each day. The remaining grades will be the mid-chapter checkpoint and the chapter test. To be prepared for the PARCC Assessment in the spring, we must attempt a new lesson each day. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to master a subject, and additional time will be used.

We will also be monitoring our progress by taking a comprehensive test over all fourth grade math skills five times throughout the year. We will record our progress in our data folders. Test number 5 will count for a math test grade.

IMPORTANT!!!!! Fourth graders should also be mastering the multiplication tables 0-12. We will practice weekly with flashcards at school, as well as graded, weekly timed fact tests. If your child is struggling with math facts, I suggest purchasing a set of cards and practicing at home. By the end of the year, students should be able to complete 80 facts in 2 minutes. Students are welcome to borrow my flashcards from school, but they must be returned each day for classroom use.


We have a weekly reading story. We will listen to it on audio CD and read orally in various ways/groups all week long. We will do workbook pages in class over various reading skills for daily reading grades. On Fridays, we have our reading test. There are 9 multiple choice questions, 1 ERQ (extended response question) from the weekly selection, as well as two new passages that the students will be required to read and answer questions using the same skills/vocabulary that has been practiced during the week.

Fourth grade utilizes the AR program as well. Students are given their point goals each nine weeks and are expected to meet their goals. AR will count as one daily reading grade in the nine-week period. Students will be given some class time to work on their AR goal, but additional reading at home must happen in order for the goal to be met. We are striving for 85% accuracy or higher on all AR tests!


Spelling workbook pages are done in class, and graded daily. We have spelling workbook pages Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, along with additional spelling activity pages. On Thursday, we play "SPARKLE", and on Friday we take our test in the computer lab from the Spelling City website.


We will utilize DOL (Daily Oral Language) as part of our morning work. Students will be required to edit incorrect sentences independently and then discuss as a class. They will be tested every Friday over the sentences. We will have a language lessons from our textbook which will count as a daily language grade.


We will cover each chapter in this manner: vocabulary notebook kept for each chapter (graded at the end of the chapter), packets after reading and discussing each lesson (graded), end of chapter test review materials (graded), study guide, & test (graded).

Social Studies

Fourth Grade covers the history of the United States. We will read and discuss each lesson, keep a vocabulary notebook for each chapter (graded at the end of the chapter), do a few workbook pages for grades, get study guides, and take the chapter tests. Students will also be responsible for doing a state report. Each student will be assigned a state and will research that state. A state poster & report will be presented orally to the class. More details to come MUCH later in the year!


Fourth grade students will work on various writing assignments throughout the year. We will be mastering the traits of writing including idea, organization, word choice, sentence structure, and conventions. All writing assignments are done in class.


I allow corrections on all DAILY GRADES (half credit will awarded back for each correct answer). TESTS/QUIZZES MAY NOT BE CORRECTED. It is up to your child to make the corrections and bring the work back to school within a day or two of the assignment's original due date. I will not ask for corrections to be turned in. These are for your child to make on his/her own to aid in the learning process and to help with overall scores. I reserve the right not to accept corrections that have been turned in too late. I offer this correction policy instead of "extra credit" assignments. TESTS/QUIZZES MAY NOT BE CORRECTED.

Please do not assume since I do not ask for corrections to be turned in, that I will not help your child with understanding and working through difficulties. I expect them to come to me with their questions and concerns, and we will work together until mastery of subject matter is attained. Fourth graders need to learn to ask when they need help, and we will work hard on this lesson all year!

Special Classes 9:40 - 10:20

Monday - PE (9:40-10:20) Pre-band (1:40-2:20)

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - PE

Thursday - Computers

Friday - Music

We have supplementary PE every other Friday afternoon from 1:00-1:40. Please make sure your child has PE shoes on the following days:

May 18 - Last one for the year!