Mrs. Walquist's

1st Grade

Weekly Newsletter

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1. Be sure to sign up for Classroom Dojo. It is the perfect way to communicate.

2. Please check your child's folder every night for homework, and graded papers.

3. Our Unit 1 Reading/Language Arts test will be on Friday, September 21. We will be reviewing in class and I have sent home a study guide.

Math Information

Chapter 3 Learning Targets

Chapter 3 “Addition Strategies”

I can solve addition problems.

Lesson 1: I can understand and apply the commutative property of addition for sums within 20.

Lesson 2: I can use count on 1, 2, or 3 as a strategy to find sums within 20.

Lesson 3: I can use doubles as a strategy to solve addition facts with sums within 20.

Lesson 4: I can use doubles to create equivalent but easier sums.

Lesson 5: I can use doubles plus 1 and doubles minus 1 as strategies to find sums within 20.

Lesson 6: I can use the strategies count on, doubles, doubles plus 1, and doubles minus 1 to practice addition facts within 20.

Lesson 7: I can use a ten frame to add 10 and an addend less than 10.

Lesson 8: I can use make a ten as a strategy to find sums within 20.

Lesson 9: I can use numbers to show how to use the make a ten strategy to add.

Lesson 10: I can use the associative property of addition to add three addends.

Lesson 11: I can understand and apply the associative property or commutative property of addition to add three addends.

Lesson 12: I can solve adding to and putting together situations using the strategy draw a picture.

Reading Information

We will have a quiz at the end of each week over the story from our Reading series. This is a comprehension quiz and covers skills such as plot, setting, sequence, character, etc.

This Week's Reading Learning Target

"I can identify the main idea and details in a story."

Helpful Reading Tips

When you read a story with your child ask them the following key questions:

1. Ask them to predict what they believe the story will be about by looking at the title.

2. What is the genre of the story (fiction or non-fiction)?

3. What is the author's purpose for writing the story (to entertain, to give information, to persuade)?

4. Who are the characters?

5. Have you read a story with similar characters?

6. What is the setting of the story?

7. What is the plot (problem) in the story?

8. Does this story make you think of anything you've done before?

9. Did you learn a lesson from this story?

Our Class Schedule

Today's Assignments:

Reading- weekly quiz over the story "Soccer". Unit 1 test. Sight word quiz. Students have been reading books from the classroom library and taking tests. Please make sure to send the book back so we can continue to practice.

Language/Writing- weekly language quiz (complete sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation.

Spelling- test

Math- review for ch. 2 test. Our test is Monday! This test covers subtraction.

Social Studies-none

Science- Animals on the move