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Marymount Band 2023-2024 Audition Results

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A new school year brings several changes and opportunities. Here is an outline from Mrs. Anabella about our new modalities, including the additions to the building, new members of our community, and curriculum adjustments. 

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A collaborative publication of Istituto Marymount and Marymount International School in Rome, Marymount London, Marymount Paris, Marymount New York City, Marymount Bogotá, Marymount Medellín, and Marymount Barranquilla.

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Primando is a YouTube channel that aims to bring Middle School and High School topics to Spanish-speaking students worldwide. The channel does not focus on advanced Math topics or Olympiads level exercises but rather on topics that all students see throughout their school life. Our main objective is to help those students who struggle with mathematics and give them a free and accessible place to improve on those concepts where they might need help. Hopefully, the videos are helpful for you or any relative, and thank you in advance for supporting this project!

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To become the go-to webpage for everyone at Marymount Barranquilla looking for updates and important information.


 MBSN is the one-stop webpage for Marymount Students. Here, you will be able to find any important information you need as a member of the Marymount Community.


To make important information available and accessible to the Marymount Barranquilla Community, everyday.