Riverside Middle School Athletics

"Let the Coaches Coach, Let the Players Play, and Let the Officials Officiate."

Here at Riverside Middle School we take pride in our athletic competing in the Coastal Athletic Conference. Riverside Middle School has the following sports. In the Fall there is football, volleyball, coed soccer, cross country and cheerleading. Winter Sports are boys basketball, girls basketball, and cheerleading. Spring sports are baseball and softball.

Our student athletes not only are representatives of Riverside, but the community. Riverside Middle School coaches and athletes are held to high standards through dedication and hard work. Athletics is part of a rich tradition here at Riverside Middle School. Whether it be on and off the field, court, or in the classroom an athlete is expected to demonstrate the characteristics of a positive role model. An athlete is required to always show good order and discipline in an educational environment, competing with good sportsmanship, and meet eligibility requirements establish both at the state and local levels.


Students must meet the following requirements in order to participate on an athletic team:

1. All 6th, 7th, and 8th graders will be eligible to tryout or play sports. In order to participate a student athlete must have an update physical, concussion, and emergency contact form. Click on the following for physical and concussion forms.

2. Academic eligibility starts when an athlete is in 6th grade. Retained 6th and 7th grade students are ineligible and cannot play sports.

3. Students have to pass 3 out of 4 core classes (Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies) each semester to be able to play sports. All Fall, Winter, and Spring sports eligibility will be determined from the previous semester grades. The exceptions are for students participating as a 7th grade football player, 6th grade soccer player, 6th grade volleyball player, 6th grade cross country runner, and 6th grade cheerleader.

4. On days that teams have to dismiss from school early because of an away game, an athlete must have 60% in the class that they are leaving. If they do not have a 60%, that athlete will not be able to leave school and travel to the away game.

5. The administration and coaches can remove a student from a team, have a student sit out a game, or not participate in practices if they feel that student is not academically performing in school.

6. 6th graders are not eligible to participate in football. They can try out for all other sports offered at Riverside Middle School.

7. Students must not turn 15 on or before August 31st.

8. Students must have been in attendance 85% of the previous semester. Students cannot must more than 13 days excused or unexcused.


A student must be present in school to participate in a game or practice.


Students that are athletes at Riverside Middle School serve as role models for the student body. The actions of student athletes are a reflection of themselves, the team, school, and community. Therefore, the student athlete is expected to be held to a higher standard of behavior than other students. In order to assure that student athletes conduct themselves as responsible representatives of the school, student athletes are required to uphold the guidelines and team rules establish by the coaches. Parents should attend the mandatory meetings that are held for each sport in which academic eligibility, athlete code of conduct, and other important information will be shared. The following policy pertains to any Riverside Middle School student who participates in athletics. If a student is written up or receives an office referral for a discipline issue and spends any amount of time in ISS the following will occur:

1st Offense: Student/Athlete may not participate practice/game on the day of the referral

2nd Offense: Student/Athlete may not attend practice/game on the day of the referral and must sit out the next athletic contest as well.

3rd Offense: Student/Athlete will be removed from the team for the remainder of the season.

OSS: If a Student/Athlete is assigned OSS he/she may be dismissed from the team for the remainder of the season pending a decision from administration, the athletic director, and the head coach.

The administration and coaches can remove a student from a team, have a student sit out a parts or the whole game, and not participate in practices if they feel that student is having discipline issues within the school and/or team.