SMS-powered apps: Enhancing life with data

Our Mission

 Side Nerd™ is the only digital product agency dedicated to crafting and hosting text message-powered solutions for tracking and engagement.

We recognize that when technology feels overwhelming, users may shy away from engaging with it. This is particularly true for essential functions like tracking hours, completing tasks, or recording measurements. Our approach is to simplify these processes, ensuring that every user feels comfortable and confident while using our applications.

Our Text Message-Based APPS


A volunteer & donation tracking app, expanding your positive impact in the community.


Text about your daily sleep; get metrics, insights, and personalized advice to enhance rest.


Text your cycle updates and symptoms, receive personalized guidance for healthier periods and family planning.


A personalized food diary to record your unique dining experiences.


A blood glucose tracking app to help you manage your diabetes.


A shared dining experience app, helping you and others record and explore the world of cuisine.


Record symptoms as they occur, review accurate timelines, and communicate clearly with your doctor. Your real-time health ally!


A social gig economy marketplace connecting busy buyers with reliable help and empowering gig workers with well-paying gigs.


Discover emotional clarity with the SMS journaling app that transforms your texts into insightful data visualizations, identifying key dates and revealing patterns in mood and attention.


An easy-to-use text-based medication tracker for older individuals. Peace of mind for families, ensuring loved ones' medication adherence.


Your personalized meal tracker and cookbook for organized, easy, and inspiring cooking.

Calorie Wallet

A calorie & nutritional information tracking app, helping you reach your health goals.


Track your aquarium's parameters to improve your water quality and recall your chemical adjustments.


A motivational workout tracker, turning exercise consistency into visible results.



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