Everyone has a story to tell, and it’s been Marshall’s passion to bring those stories to life, and to as many ears as possible. His experience spans the UK, USA, and Canada, having spent the last decade working in several provinces as a radio host, journalist, production assistant, and promotions & marketing director. 

In recent years Marshall has worked as an award winning producer, working with brands such as OnStar, Bloomberg & Red Bull among others.

In addition to making podcasts Marshall is also a freelance voice talent and photographer and enjoys mixing live sound in his spare time. 

When he’s not creating captivating audio, he’s probably looking for the nearest trail on his mountain bike or playing on the floor with matchbox cars and his kids, while making his own sound effects.

Marshall has a global experience in radio broadcasting with a background in hosting, producing & audio production. He is an award winning producer who has worked with worldwide brands including OnStar, Bloomberg and Red Bull. 

During his time as a broadcaster his interviews have included Emmy award winning actors, Olympians, sitting Prime Ministers and Grammy winning musicians.

Marshall is also a photographer who focuses on wildlife and sports. He has been published in Australia & Canada.