MCSD Online Academy

Online Academy Summer 2021

We are pleased to continue the online structure for professional learning by teachers this summer! All courses offered will be facilitated through Canvas and will mostly be asynchronous. There are also some live virtual opportunities occurring in June and August.

Online Academy courses must have at least five people register by June 9 in order to be offered. If a course you are registered for is not offered you will be notified and still be able to register for other offered courses.

Teachers earn $20 per hour to complete the online courses or live events. Online Academy courses that have at least five people register will become available on July 1 and all Online Academy course work must be submitted on or before August 9. Hours will be paid on the September 30th paycheck regardless of when the course is completed.

Two events are scheduled in June, the Iowa Fine Arts Summit and NAEYC DAP Symposium. Visit those pages for more details. Payment for those opportunities will be included on July pay checks.

We are also partnering with Solution Tree this summer to provide another opportunity for staff to learn more about PLCs. There will be two days of learning through live virtual sessions, held on August 9 and 10. Visit the Solution Tree PLC page for more information and to register.