Ask Albion

Albion College has paired with Marshall Public Schools to provide FREE after-school tutoring for any MPS student.

Marshall Teachers and Albion College students trained in MPS software and curriculum are standing by, ready to help families with questions regarding technology and all core subject areas. These sessions are available in four formats: Google Meet (video conferencing), Google Hangout (chat), traditional email, as well as over the phone.

Online Tutors are available in the following areas:

  • Kindergarten - 5th Grade: All Subjects

  • Middle School Science

  • 9th Grade Biology

  • Chemistry

  • 6th - 12th Grade Math

  • 6th - 12th Grade English/Language Arts

  • 6th - 8th Grade Social Studies

  • 9th - 12th History

Tutors are available during the following days and times:

Monday: 2:00-7:00p

Tuesday: 2:00-7:00p

Wednesday: 8:00a - 7:00p

Thursday: 2:00-7:00p

Friday: 2:00-7:00p

Saturday: 10:00a - 1:00p