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What's here:

  • DLC Calendar: Find out when "10 Minute Tech" is coming to your school, and access the materials from previous weeks' tech talks.

  • PD Registration Menu: See after-school PD session offerings and register to attend.

  • Technology Blog and Newsletter: Tech tips for your classroom instruction, and ready to go student tutorials. Check out the blog HERE and the newsletter HERE.

  • Tech Help Center: Need help setting up your network projector or logging into Clever. This site has video tutorials and instructions for the tech in your room.

  • Google Certification Center: Thinking about extending your knowledge? Get what you need for Google Level 1 and 2 certification.

  • Request PD Sessions: PD sessions personalized to you! Let us know what tech ed topics, tools, or resources you want to know more about.

Meagan Ralph

Digital Learning Coach

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Mechelle Gattis

Digital Learning Coach

Tech Time with Mrs. Gattis