Helping individuals & small businesses with their online presence and digital skills.

That 'aha' moment...

Isn’t it amazing how young kids today can pick up a tablet or smart phone and start using it without any training or help from us? From a very young age they are exposed to technology (computers, games, videos, etc) and they have no problem with adapting their skills when using various platforms and tools.

For many of us though, it can be a struggle to learn and stay current on the latest technology and social media developments. Whether it is lack of time to manage or learn new things or being intimidated by the ever changing technology and tools, sometimes we need help with getting started or simply getting inspired.

My involvement with technology, graphic design and social media training started when I had a chance to coordinate a project that allowed me to go out to the field and train adult educators to get more web savvy. I absolutely enjoyed this experience and started providing this support to my friends and colleagues, and now directly online to a wider audience.

In the process, I found that I love to meet people, explore new technology and tools with them and watch their eyes sparkle as they show me how they integrate what they learned into their business and personal lives.

By providing face-to-face and online training and support, I hope I can help entrepreneurs and small business become more tech and web savvy as well.