ERP systems are software solutions that help businesses improve their management, performance, and transparency. How do they do that? Almost every business has financial data about their income and expenses. They also have records of their previous sales. Some businesses with inventory have stock data. These are some of the many data sets that a business's operations can generate. To run the business, these data are essential. ERP makes it easier to access data by centralizing it, integrating it for better performance, and coordinating it for more control.

Marakisoft is an Ethiopian ERP software provider, that specializes in ERP system, with a skilled technical team and experienced consultants. As ERP system in Ethiopia is gaining popularity among different businesses, we have developed a comprehensive ERP system that suits any business, which is now used by many companies in Ethiopia.

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MarakiPOS is a POS system that has been widely adopted by Ethiopian businesses. It is compliant with the standards and regulations of the Ethiopian Revenues and customs authority (ERCA). With MarakiPOS, businesses can easily manage their sales and inventory operations. MarakiPOS also offers other features such as an Inventory management system, purchase management, sales management, report generation, and more. MarakiPOS is designed to help businesses grow and succeed in the Ethiopian market.