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MarakiERP is a business process management software that integrates the key functions of an organization, such as sales, marketing, manufacturing, logistics, accounting, and human resources. It is developed by Marakisoft Technologies, a leading software provider of ERP solutions in Ethiopia. With MarakiERP, you can streamline your business processes, reduce operational costs, avoid unexpected maintenance costs, maximize occupancy levels, and grow your business. MarakiERP is the best choice for an ERP system in Ethiopia.

MarakiPOS is a POS system that has been widely adopted by Ethiopian businesses. It is compliant with the standards and regulations of the Ethiopian Revenues and customs authority (ERCA). With MarakiPOS, businesses can easily manage their sales and inventory operations. MarakiPOS also offers other features such as an Inventory management system, purchase management, sales management, report generation, and more. MarakiPOS is designed to help businesses grow and succeed in the Ethiopian market.

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