Maple Run Unified School District

Occupational and Physical Therapy

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What We Do

Making a Difference

The MRUSD PT and OT team is designed around helping every student reach their full potential in the classroom. Between adaptive school tools, modified seating, heavy work programs, and much more, we make sure each child has the best possible access to their education.

A Bit About Us

OT/PT and the IDEA

Federal law (IDEA) lists physical therapy as a related service that “may be required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education”. Therapy support provided by schools is essential to helping a student perform in the context of his/her educational program. This Educational model of providing PT is different than the medical/clinical model of providing physical therapy services. A child may qualify for therapy in the medical setting, but if his/her disability doesn’t impede school function, they do not require school PT services.

When making the decision to include PT as a related service, the team may want to consider these questions to help lead the discussion: If the student does not receive physical therapy services, is there reason to believe that he/she will not (a) have access to an appropriate education and (b) experience educational benefit? If ‘Yes’- Provide PT as a related service. If ‘No’, then ask ‘Will physical therapy help?’ If ‘Yes’ - Consider medically-based physical therapy services (outside of school hours).