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Where love and compassion guide your dental experience. A home in the heart of downtown Sacramento's historic neighborhood. Mansion Flats Dental connects the rhythm of historic hardwood with the hums of advanced contemporary technology offering you a unique dental experience.

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*ADA accessible rooms

Come see our Board Certified Periodontist, Dr. Dorel Onea, for your periodontal services 

Our digitally guided implants offer precise placement so you can get back to smiling brighter without any hassle! 

With over 3 decades of experience, Dr. Carlos Bonilla offers exceptional care and compassion for his patients hardly accessible elsewhere! 

Clear Correct 

Comfortable, removable, and engineered for ideal esthetics, Clear Correct is the perfect aligner for your orthodontic journey to a straighter smile 

“Nestled in the heart of downtown Sacramento, Mansion Flats Dental is your neighborhood dental oasis. We understand the importance of feeling at home when visiting the dentist. At Mansion Flats Dental, we treat every patient like family, fostering a warm and friendly atmosphere that eases any dental anxieties. From children to seniors, our family-centric approach ensures everyone feels comfortable and cared for. Dr. Bonilla offers more than 30 years of experience, skill, and compassion delivering top-notch dental care. Schedule an appointment today and begin smiling brighter.”