Ms. Freedman's Digital Portfolio Model

I am very excited that this school year you will be running your own student led conference. Take a deep breath! You are going to be amazing talking about you! I have developed this Google site for you to understand how to create your own Google Site for your student led conference. There will be a lot of reflection that goes into your creation. Remember you are the designer. I will provide some direction and the rest is up to you! You are the driver of your own learning.

This first page is your welcome page. You will want to introduce your audience to who you are. Share some fun facts about yourself. Include your interests and likes/dislikes. Include your agent badge photo from the class photo album that includes your thoughts/wonders for the year ahead. You might want to add photos, drawings, or video too! You will also want to let your audience know what they are about to see. Your digital portfolio will include some metacognitive exercises. You will also be sharing things you have learned, things you need to work on, and things you are proud of. I am so excited to see what you choose to share to show your learning growth this year! This will also be used for your student led conference.

You will want to use Google Keep notes to help organize each page of your digital portfolio. We will work on organizing the site together. Google Keep Notes will be used as an idea tank to help you choose what you feel is the best possible way to share your learning with your guests.

By now you might be wondering what you will be collecting to include on your digital portfolio.

  • You will want to go through your Google Drive and desk to find pieces of work that showcase you as a learner.
  • You are looking for evidence that show the following:
    • What you learned
    • What you need to work on
    • What you are proud of
  • Create a Google Keep note and make a list of all your ideas you could possible share at your student led conference.
    • Jot a note of the item and why you want to include it.
  • Choose 2-3 items from your list to include in your digital portfolio.
    • You can use an iTouch for pictures and/or video.
  • Create your Digital Portfolio and share it with me!
    • Choose a theme and add the four pages so your site looks like this one!
  • Your digital portfolio will have
    • A welcome page
    • A Metacognition page
    • 3 pages for each type of evidence you collected
      • If you need to use an Itouch to take photo or video to include in your portfolio please feel free to do so for your evidence.
      • You will need to explain what the evidence is and why you are including it.
      • See Sample Below from Kelli Vogstad's students for guidance.
    • You can also include links to your blogs, reading letters, DQs, or anything else in your Google Drive you want to showcase beyond the 2-3 pieces expected.
    • Throughout the year you will add things to your portfolio to show your growth!