About This Project

Who We Are and What We Do:

Manchester Equity Education is an initiative to ensure the equitable success of all students in Manchester School District, led by a collaborative team that includes district and teaching staff, community representatives, parents and students. Like many urban districts, Manchester has significant inequities of opportunity, which under-serve some of our students, including English Learners, students of color, and students from families experiencing economic challenges. Manchester Equity Education seeks to create more high-quality educational opportunities that enable learners — especially and essentially underserved learners- to close these opportunity gaps.

We will accomplish this by establishing a comprehensive community engagement process within Manchester to:

  • Identify student gaps by subgroup in achievement and engagement,
  • Determine the policy, structural, cultural, and instructional barriers or causes for these gaps, and
  • Contribute to a district action plan aiming to close these gaps and to accelerate learning for Manchester’s underserved students.

Throughout the process we will be working with other organizations and initiatives that support our kids and the improvement of our schools. We will build strong relationships within our community and learn from and with them as we co-develop this plan; we believe that every voice matters in this process.

Our ultimate goal is to close gaps so that more students graduate prepared to transition to careers and college without the need for remedial courses. By providing greater access to an excellent education for all of our students, we will ensure that each student has the foundation necessary for success in college, careers, and life, for their personal fulfillment and for the benefit of the entire Manchester Community.

This project is funded by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation.

Please click the link above to view our plan.