Samantha Kanzler / Campus Testing Coordinator / samantha.kanzler@manorisd.net

What is the TSI test?

The TSI Assessment (TSIA) is part of the Texas Success Initiative program designed to help determine if students are ready for college-level coursework in the general areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. Students who pass all sections of test are considered TSI complete and are classified by the state of Texas as "College Ready."

What is the difference between the placement test and the diagnostic test?

The TSI test is used to determine if your skills are at the level the State of Texas has set for college-readiness. If you do not meet the college-readiness level, you will be provided a diagnostic test to further evaluate your skills. If you receive the diagnostic test, DO NOT GIVE UP! You can still reach the college-readiness level by doing well on the diagnostic test.

What score do students need to pass the test?

The TSI Assessment is composed of two sections; ELAR and Math. Students must earn a minimum passing score on each section of the test to be considered TSI Complete. The minimum passing score for ELAR is 945 & 5 on Essay (But wait...2nd chance opportunity - < 945, AND 5 on diagnostic AND 5 on ESSAY). The minimum passing score for Math is 950 (But wait..2nd chance opportunity - < 950 AND 6 on diagnostic).

ELAR - 2nd Chance Opportunity Scenario: Student scored a 940 on the Multiple choice, 5 on the Diagnostic, and 5 on the Essay = Student passed (How? If the student scores below a 945 on the test, they MUST score a 5 on the Diagnostic and a 5 on the Essay).

Math - 2nd Chance Opportunity Scenario: Student scored a 946 on the Math test, 6 on the Diagnostic = Student passed (How? If the student scores below a 950 on the test, they MUST score a 6 on the Diagnostic).

How do I sign up to take the test?

STEP 1: Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity. The PAA is only required for students taking the test for the first time.

STEP 2: Click on the registration link and complete the google form to reserve your spot on test day.

STEP 3: Check your email and confirm your testing date, time, and location with the high school testing coordinator.

STEP 4: Study for the test.

STEP 5: Show up for the test prepared and ON TIME.

Who can test?

Manor Early College High School is a TSI Testing site. All 9th-12th grade students are able to test at the high school and should use this site to register for testing. Incoming 9th grade students accepted into MECHS will have opportunities to test, before the beginning of their 9th-grade year, in the Summer Bridge Program.

How should I prepare for the test?

STUDY! Students can find study resources and links at the bottom of this page. Since first time college students are required to take the TSI test in the state of Texas, you can also find visit the web page of almost any Texas college and fine additional resources and practice quizzes.

What if I have already taken the test and I need to take it again?

The TSI test is challenging. It is not uncommon for students to take the test multiple times before earning a passing score. Every student has the opportunity to test twice before being required to complete tutorials. The best approach to passing the test is for students to study. Tutorials guarantee students are preparing to be successful and give students the best chance of passing. There is no substitute for preparation.


What is the purpose?

How is the test scored?

What score is needed for "College Readiness"?

Minimum passing scores:

  • ELAR - 945 & 5 on Essay

  • Math = 950