Student Devices

Chromebook Student/Parent Contract

Families are asked to sign a contract that defines the expectations associated with using a device at school.

Click here for: Chromebook Student/Parent Contract

Click here for: Acceptable Use Agreement Signature Form

  • Student is expected to adhere to the district acceptable use agreement.
  • Student is expected to adhere to the district technology policy.
  • The district monitors how computers are used.
  • Families are responsible for theft, loss, or damage. Insurance is available to help offset the cost or loss and repairs.

Click here for: Cost of insurance and repair for a device

Getting Started on your Chromebook

You will find the Chromebook to be different than your home Mac or PC. Here are some general tips for using your school device.

Connect your device to WiFi

Chromebooks managed by the Manitowoc Public School District will connect automagically to the MPSD-WiFi network when in range, there is no need to manually connect to the WiFi network.

Manage your WiFi connections

Google provides these instructions for managing your WiFi connections. This includes automatically connecting, setting prefered networks, and forgetting networks.

Information on connecting to your home WiFi .

Printing from a Chromebook at home

We are not able to fully support your home environment. However, Google does provide information about printing from home on a Chromebook.

Using a Chromebook without internet

Chromebooks are designed to used with an internet connection. However, modern Chromebooks allow you to work on a document while offline. This document describes how to use your device while offline.

How are broken devices repaired?

During the school year students bring their Chromebooks to the school library to be serviced. They will receive a loaner to use while their device is being repaired.

During the summer you may bring Chromebooks to the district multi-service center (MSC) for repair 1820 S. 30th Street.

Please contact (920) 686-4720 for details.