To provide an opportunity for innovative teachers to form a network for support and mentoring as they continue to explore ways to enrich the lives and learning of the young people they work with, their whānau and the wider community.

The Manaiakalani Programme has gained national and international credibility as an innovative approach to ensuring the foundation requirements of schooling are being met whilst offering young people the opportunity to learn in an environment which recognises the special character of our children as digital citizens whose world is very different from their teachers at the same age.

Over the ten years of the Manaiakalani Innovative Teacher programme we have had teachers who have taken this opportunity to investigate ways to accelerate learning outcomes for our young people via the Manaiakalani pedagogy. The most successful projects have subsequently become the foundation of classroom implementation for their colleagues within Manaiakalani and around New Zealand.  The Manaiakalani Education Trust actively supports teachers who are challenging their own teaching practice through inquiring into innovative ways to meet our cluster goals and provide inspiration to their colleagues. This is a collaborative process using Design Thinking principles to guide us. To quote Michael Fullan 2/11/16, we are looking for "purposeful, focused and disciplined innovation".

2023 Cohort:

Manaiakalani Education Trust has offered 6 innovative teachers from the Manaiakalani Network the opportunity to

This group includes teachers from new entrants through to seniors at college and schools in the north and south islands.

MIT23 teachers will

Dates for 2023 

Connect Hui Overnight: Hui 3 days 2-4 March 2023   Travel after school Thurs 2nd, all day Friday 3rd, end lunch Saturday 4th March, travel home at leisure.

Network Meeting Days: 27 March, 22  May , 28 August , 20 November   (all Mondays)

Wānanga   Friday October 27th 2023

Conference    School Holidays, 3 days TBA, likely to include Oct 1st and 2nd

Release days    organise yourself

Conditions of Participation