Staff IT & Learning Technology Induction, Training & Support

Staff support during the lockdown.

Click here to book a 1:1 staff support session (for help with Teaching from home and related applications including Google: Classroom, Hangouts/Meet, Docs & Drive etc). Also for help getting students registered with their accounts.

Introductory video guides to using Google Classroom can be found here.
Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
Click here for support material relating to Teaching in the Cloud - videos & documents for Google Classroom, Drive, Docs etc.
MCC has issued advice and support for stuff during the Covid-19 period. You may need to logon with your MCC account to access.
The NHS has issued advice for working/staying from/at home.

Welcome to the IT & Learning Technology website

Here you will find lots of useful information and guidance on using the MAES IT systems for teaching and learning purposes

Logging into a MAES PC

How to login to the network & your G Suite Account

How to get IT help & Support

At MAES we run two IT systems

  1. The MAES Teaching Network and G Suite for Education domain ( - For support with any PCs or Chromebooks, MAES Wifi (staff or public) MAES network logons or G Suite problems on the MAES domain please request support by emailing or calling 0161 254 7326.
    If you have an issue with a Kyocera printer, please call the support company ITEC on 0161 413 8328. You will also need to quote the serial number from the sticker on the front of the printer. Toner for these printers is ordered automatically and is sent to the admin office at each centre.

  2. The Manchester City Council corporate network (sometimes referred to as Citrix PCs or WYSE terminals) and G Suite Domain ( - for support with any corporate PCs, Ricoh photocopiers or other digital equipment or G Suite issues on the .gov domain please access the Know It All icon on the desktop of any WYSE terminal or MCC PC and make a request, or alternatively you can call them on: 0161 234 1234

Managers only: New Teacher/user Accounts Request Form

If you have new staff who require MAES Network or G Suite access please click on the button below and complete the form.