We assist private non-commercial GA pilots in creating routes, arranging fuel, coordinating with international and national airports and obtaining permits to fly through Russia and Belarus

What you should know before you set up your Russia-bound flight:

  • Russia is not the country to try and do a DIY trip. A good local agent will save you hours of talks with airports, fuelers and CAA
  • Foreign aircraft may fly to international airports and on international airways. International means “open to foreign aircrafts”
  • A list of international APs (currently 81) and interantional AWs is published in AIP Russia. Should you wish to land in national airport, a special permit will be required
  • AVGAS 100LL is not available in international airports. Special arrangements must be undertaken to have that type of fuel on the apron. Jet A-1 (it's russian equivalent TS1) is available
  • A visa is required for crew and passengers. Exception: one single stop in Russia, not entering the airport (eg. Tech stop for fuel), 3-4 hours maximum
  • Russia uses the metric system. FL’s in feet above transition level, and altitudes in meters below. Exception: ULLI.
  • UUDD, UUEE, UUWW, ULLI, and URSS are slot controlled. Permit will not be approved without slot confirmation

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