Makerspace Greenville


What's a Makerspace?

Makerspaces, FabLabs, Hackerspaces and your shed out back have several things in common. Mostly they are places for you to go to make something. More times than not you’re making things with your hands. Well maybe you need a hand, or a tool, or several tools or several hands. Well that’s where these other places have one up on your shop at home.

Makerspaces are generally a place where you’ll find lots of tools. Probably some you have. More than likely some you don’t have, or even some you never thought you could afford. Sure some of them are big and scary, but that’s where we come in. Come use our tools here.

We here at makerspace want to help you make your thing. If that’s a part off your old bicycle that no one manufactures anymore, or a dining room table you want to pass down to your grandkids. Heck, if your thing, is a music video for your polka crew’s future one hit wonder. We’d like to be a part of you making your… whatever!

So what's a Makerspace?

Makerspace Greenville is a community center for tools. You pay a monthly membership fee to come use our tools to make something. We are a 501(c)(3) Texas Non-Profit that seeks to teach individuals how to use tools in innovative and collaborative ways.

Not convinced?

Spend an evening with us on Third Thursday Downtown Greenville. This is when we try to put our best foot forward.