New Haven Internet of Things Network

We are launching an initiative to build a long-range wireless network for device communication covering New Haven. The network will provide connectivity for devices using a method that transfers data slowly but covers long ranges and uses very little power. The node hubs are similar to a router and can be deployed in the home and cover approximately a half mile around the home. You can learn more about the technology at:

Join the network.

This network will be built by individuals choosing to purchase and host a node in their home. We get a discount of $35 per hotspot if we can get 15 hotspots in 1 order. Once we have the payment from 15 individuals contributed we will make the group order and email you that it is on the way. When delivered you will be able to pick up your hotspot at MakeHaven.

Prevent the Digital Divide

We are mapping who is getting these hotspots to coordinate coverage of the entire city. Without intervention we could find that coverage for IoT devices suffers from the same geographic disparity we see in other parts of our lives. A donation can buy a hotspot or subsidize a hotspot for someone who could not otherwise afford it. Help someone earn income from hosting the hotspot and provide a critical benefit for their neighborhood.

View a Status Map of Planned New Haven Hotspots

Discount only available to first 15 and requires 15 commitments.
We are at 9 of 15 orders (updated 7/21@3pm). We will refund if we dont hit the goal. Jump in now.

Hotspots are on back order and may take 2 months or more for delivery.

A node (hotspot) device.

Devices cost $425 and require power (~5 W) and an internet connection. Setup is quick and easy, and you earn cryptocurrency (HLM) for transmitting data and participating in the network validation process.

New Haven Contacts

John Fitzpatrick


J.R. Logan