Zoom Guide for Students

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Zoom is a web conferencing application that allows you to meet online through high-quality audio and video. Features include screen sharing, whiteboard, breakout rooms, chat, and meeting recording. Zoom is utilized for USM's online class meetings and appointments.

Please use your maine.edu credentials and log into the Zoom Desktop App or Mobile/Tablet App for all USM-Related classes and meetings.

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Zoom Settings

Zoom & Brightspace

  • Zoom is integrated with Brightspace. If your course meets through Zoom, you should receive the link via email, a Brightspace Announcement, or find it posted in your course.

  • Recorded Zoom classes will be available in your Brightspace course site via Tools > Zoom, or Tools > My Media (Kaltura).

Zoom & Kaltura

  • For your Cloud Recordings to be automatically copied to My Media, you must create the meeting with your maine.edu Zoom account.

  • You also must be logged into the Zoom app with your maine.edu account during the meeting.

  • Zoom Cloud recordings are NOT permanent but they're automatically copied to Kaltura/My Media.

  • Click here to view our Kaltura Guide for Students.

Share Sound

When sharing your screen to open/play media, you must click Share sound before clicking Share so all participants can hear the audio. This also applies to sharing your screen in a Breakout Room.

Save whiteboard

When using the Interactive Whiteboard in Breakout Rooms, you must click Save in the floating Tools menu at the top of the Interactive Whiteboard to save and share it with your instructor upon return to the main room.

Share whiteboard

To share Interactive Whiteboards, click Save in the floating Tools menu, click Show in Folder, and retrieve the file from the Zoom folder on your computer.

Raise Hand & Reactions

  • Your instructor may ask you to use the Raise Hand feature to ask questions or participate in class discussions. You can find Raise Hand in the Reactions menu in the toolbar at the bottom of your Zoom window.

  • The other Reactions above Raise Hand can help you express yourself without interrupting. Keep it professional, and use them sparingly to avoid distracting classmates and instructor.

  • Raise Hand and Reactions appear in the upper left corner of your self-view . You can click Lower Hand to remove the hand image. Reactions disappear after ten seconds.

Hide Self View

Click the three dots in the upper right corner of your own video and choose HIde Self View when you're in a class meeting, and you'll find it easier to pay attention. It's also much less mentally taxing when you aren't checking your video, which is almost unavoidable.

Watch USM's "Learning With Zoom" Videos

  • The USM Learning Commons has developed a series of videos for USM students called Learning With Zoom. Please review these videos if you're new to Zoom or would like to learn how to use advanced features to up your game for study groups, class presentations, polls, and other collaborations.

  • The videos live in a Brightspace module, so you should feel right at home. As an extra bonus, complete the Zoom module, and add it to your Badgr Backpack to share your expertise with the world.

Help & Support

Zoom FERPA Compliance

  • Zoom sessions can be expected to be FERPA compliant, and Zoom recordings that are made to the cloud will be FERPA compliant.

  • The processed recordings are to only be posted to a platform accessible by students enrolled in the class or those who need to see the recording in order to perform their job (e.g., not posted to public web sites or social media, etc.).

  • Please refer to the UMS FERPA Compliance Guidelines for more information.


Visit Zoom’s Privacy Policy page to learn how it protects your information.


Visit Zoom’s Accessibility Features page to review features for diverse users.