Josh Caron


Joshua Caron

Music Teacher

Drum Instructor


Music Director

Recording Artist / Performer


Residing in Lewiston, ME, Josh offers drum lessons at Main Street Music Lessons and is an active player, composer, band leader, and music director. Drumming since 1995, he has been a recording artist on multiple albums and is usually playing in several groups simultaneously. Realizing in 2017 that he is meant to teach, he enrolled at the University of Maine at Augusta in a Bachelor of Contemporary and Popular Music degree with a focus on Education. He worked as Percussion Instructor for Edward Little's Marching Band for 2018 and 2019 seasons and assisted with Edward Little's Pit Orchestra on their productions of Cinderella (2018) and Footloose (2019). He then accepted a position as Music Director for Monmouth Community Player's production of Addams Family. Unfortunately the show was halted halfway through rehearsals due to concerns around COVID-19. He is a current member of the MCP Board of Directors and looks forward to the safe return of musical theater.

Always a multi-instrumentalist, he has extended his focus to include vocals, piano, mandolin, guitar, bass, mallets, trumpet, and trombone. He plans to add saxophone, clarinet, flute, violin, viola, and cello over the next 6 months. Ultimately, his goal is to teach at a Maine public or private school and offer drum lessons, stay active in musical theater, direct and perform in groups, and promote the rise of new musicians on the local scene.


Phone 207-450-1303