Unit 2

Unit 2 - Before saying any words . . .

All right - You made it to Unit 2!


The key to unit 2 is to understand that the way people act affects the way they think. Many times you think BEFORE you act. In this section we will learn that the WAY you act can change your thoughts.

How can action change your thoughts?

In Shemona Eseri you walk three steps forward, 3 steps backward, stand with you feet together and bow. How does acting this way affect your thoughts? Let's see how this works in Shemona Esrei. . . .

In this unit we will learn the answer to four questions:

1. How should one stand during שמונה עשרה?

2. How should one begin שמונה עשרה?

3. How and why do we bow during שמונה עשרה?

4. How does doing these things help us think properly during שמונה עשרה?

Let's get started!!!!