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WCSC had the pleasure of participating in this year's Engineering Expo! WCSC students showed elementary to high school students how to pick locks, shim handcuffs, and hack Spelunky and Minecraft using Cheat Engine.

Weekly CTFs

  • STEM CTF: Cyber Challenge 2019—2:00 PM Fri. 22 Feb. to 2:00 PM Sat. 23 Feb.
    • CTFtime
    • Teams are limited to 4 members, so we will be playing as small individual groups. Send a message in the ctf channel on slack if you need a team!
  • TAMUctf 19—7:00 PM Fri. 22 Feb. to 7:00 PM Sun. 04 Mar.
    • CTFtime
    • Typical CTF! Find the login information in the usual place on Slack