Oil City Blue and White Club

Current Event

Blue and white is currently selling yard flags. If you are interested in purchasing sign, please contact one of the coaches.

"An Oiler fan lives here"

Current Events

  1. 100 Dollar raffle tickets for sale
  2. 2018 programs coming soon.

Senor Bio Link Click in this link to find the Senor Bio Form. Follow the directions to complete the form.

Bylaw amendments Click the link to offer suggestions for amending the blue and white bylaws with regards to solicitation of clubs and businesses.


Section 1 – Mission: The mission of the corporation is to enlist, create, and encourage public interest and support of all band, athletic contests, and sports programs of the Oil City Area School District.


  • President: Cathy Stevens
  • Vice President: Troy Marsh
  • Secretary: Amy McGuire
  • Treasurer: Jamie Kirkwood/Andrew Mumford