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The purpose of the Medfield SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council) is to work for the understanding of, respect for and support of, all children with special needs in the community. To that end and pursuant to 603 CMR 28.07(4), the Medfield SEPAC shall:

Advise the school district on matters that pertain to the education and safety of students with disabilities and meet regularly with school officials to participate in the planning, development, and evaluation of the school district special education programs (Section 3 Chapter 71B).

  • Promote a network of parents of children with special needs and provide a forum to share information, and discuss matters of common concern and interest.
  • Promote communication among families with special needs students and the Medfield Public Schools.
  • Provide informational forums to parents, students, educators and other professionals involved with children with special needs.
  • Promote communications and programs within the community to encourage understanding, acceptance, and inclusion of children with special needs.
  • Communicate with local, state, and national organizations, as well as councils/groups that support children with special needs.

SEPAC Annual Report

Please click to view the SEPAC Annual Report 2017-2018.

2018-2019 General Meetings

Meetings are typically held from 7-9 p.m. at the Blake Middle School Library Media Center. Meeting information can be found in the Agendas Minutes & Info tab above.

  • September 18, 2018
  • October 16, 2018
  • November 20, 2018
  • December 18, 2018
  • January 15, 2019
  • February 12, 2019
  • March 19, 2019
  • April 9, 2019
  • May 21, 2019

2018-2019 Board Meetings

  • September 18, 2018
  • October 16, 2018
  • June 11, 2019