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"רלוונטי זה להיות איש אשכולות"

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Hi, I am Neal Tsur,

A little about me; I am a...

(1) Social Synchronization Researcher at the Hebrew University, importing physics theory and methods into social science phenomena. By measuring Synchronization at the social level, we aim to predict unexpected political events such as civil war onsets. Research is supervised by Prof. Dani Miodownik and Prof. Lev Muchnik.

(2) Data Scientist Professional with track record of applying Machine Learning, NLP, and Deep Learning algorithms to solve a variety of industry related problems, from image recognition to forecasting, working closely with different clients.

(3) Science Communicator - from Children Physics Book author to popular science lecturer, and public good provider (CoronaX project) . Science should be accessible to all.

Data Science

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Social Sync

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