CWP Digital Learning Day

Welcome to the landing site for the California Writing Project's Digital Learning Day! On this site, you can find resources, examples, links, and an invitation to join us for a month of writing and making! We invite teachers, students, librarians, after-school facilitators, families, and really anyone, to join us as we tell our stories, explain ideas, and perhaps even persuade people through the compelling arguments we make.

Digital Learning Day is actually on February 22, but because we believe that digital learning is ongoing, we have planned a month-long series of activities that anyone can join at anytime. While we offer three "make cycles" to join throughout late January and the month of February, you can jump in at any point and choose something to make from our suggestions, or create your own project using our resources as inspiration. Our goal is to think together about how we might make use of digital resources so our ideas and students' ideas can be shared and noticed.

How to use this site:

  • Use the Make Cycle set of pages above to find resources and suggested activities to try. We will have three "official" make cycles--Shared Storytelling, Engaging Expositions, and Compelling Arguments--throughout the month, but again, you can work with any of the ideas that inspire you at any time.
  • Look at the curated "featured makes" each week for inspiration.
  • Share your creations on Twitter using the hashtags #CWPDLD and #DLDay, and/or add your creation to our Google Plus (G+) Community: Link Here. You can find inspiration for your creations by following the hashtags on Twitter and by looking through the shared creations in our G+ community.

You can find out more about national efforts surrounding Digital Learning Day on their central site here. And you can follow Digital Learning Day on Twitter: @OfficialDLDay

Remember to share your creations on Twitter using the hashtags #DLDay and #CWPDLD and/or share in our G+ Community!

Need some inspiration? Check out some recent digital student projects: "Literacy of a Home" by Sylvia Pape and "Viva Mexico," an ABC book (an expository text) created by Jazmine Loaiza

Link to our G+ Community where you can share your creations or find inspiration.

The following dates are flexible and you should feel free to participate at any time and take up any of the suggested activities along the way. The dates are intended to support collaboration across sites: a way to share similar activities and resources if desired.

Shared Storytelling 1/29-2/9

Engaging Expositions 2/5-2/16

Compelling Arguments 2/12-2/22

Highlights Reel 2/23-2/29 (we can all share and highlight some of our favorite creations!)