Elementary Russian:

online and hybrid courses at CCSF

Russian 21 and Russian 22 (Russian for Russians)

RUSS 21 and RUSSIAN 22 “Elementary Russian for Bilingual Students”, a fully online course. These courses are designed for Russian “heritage learners” who were born to Russian-speaking parents. I look forward to being your instructor and working together to help those who received the gift of bilingualism from their families, turn this gift into a useful tool.

You can already speak Russian. It makes you the perfect audience for an online course in Russian.

The main purpose of these courses is to master basic reading and writing skills, to improve your grammar and expand your vocabulary. It will allow you to not just be able to read and write in Russian, but to enjoy it.

Students who already speak Russian, but who are not proficient in writing, will learn and master Russian spelling rules, basic grammar and morphology necessary to write in Russian. You will also work on developing your reading skills in Russian.

Hope you are looking forward to an interesting, productive, and valuable learning experience together.

Russian 1 and Russian 2

  • RUSSIAN 1: Introductory course in Russian grammar, composition and reading (no prerequisites)
  • RUSSIAN 2 (Second semester course): Continuation of Elementary Russian PREREQ.: RUSS 1 or 1B or demonstration of RUSS 1/1B exit skills.

RUSS 1 and RUSSIAN 2 can be taken as "hybrid" courses.

Our time will be divided between traditional in-person class time and our online coursework.

In-person class time

will be dedicated to oral exercises and practice. Classes meet weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:10 - 3:25 pm (CCSF Ocean Campus).

The online time

will be dedicated to reading, listening, watching presentation materials as well as reviewing materials covered in class.

We hope that this format will help you fit your studies of Russian into your busy life.

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Instructor Contact Information

Svetlana Kristal

Foreign Languages Department

Ocean Campus, 50 Phelan Ave, A304 , San Francisco, CA 94112

Email: skristal@ccsf.edu (preferred method of contact)

Courses: Russian 1 and Russian 2

RUSS 1 & RUSS 2 (5 units), as well as RUSS 1A, 1B (3 units) are "hybrid" courses.

UC/CSU transferable.

For more detailed information about the Russian Program at CCSF, please check CCSF Catalog.

Required Textbook for Russian 1 and 2

Golosa, Book 1: A Basic Course in Russian & Student Activities Manual for Golosa by Richard Robin, Karen Evans-Romaine, Galina Shatalina

ISBN-13: 978-0205980369 | ISBN-10: 0205980368

© 2011 Publisher: Pearson; 5 edition

Textbook companion website: Golosa

Courses: Russian 21 and Russian 22

RUSS 21 & RUSS 22 (5 units), as well as RUSS 21A, 21B (3 units) are fully online with no required on-campus meetings). These courses are developed for heritage learners: oral fluency in Russian is expected.

UC/CSU transferable.

For more detailed information about the Russian Program at CCSF, please check CCSF Catalog.

Required Textbook for Russian 21 and 22

Russian for Russians , 1st edition by Olga Kagan, Tatiana Akishina, and Richard Robin.

ISBN-13: 978-0893573010, ISBN-10: 0893573019

© 2002 Publisher: Slavica Pub.

Textbook companion website: Russian for Russians

Important Dates and Course Syllabi


For more details, please email the instructor: skristal@ccsf.edu.

For information about online courses go to www.ccsf.edu/disted