I am a technical architect who has delivered mission-critical enterprise systems in many lines of business. My area of research includes Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing (HPC), Audio Visual media processing, Economic Equity, and Social Justice.

You, the student, are the reason I create courses. My goal is to introduce you to areas of study that are my passion and prepare a new generation of knowledge seekers.

I am an Electrical Engineer and Computer Scientist. A condensed visual biography is shown to the left. Information about the courses I teach are available the Merritt College Cybersecurity Center.

Spring 2019


Introduction to Parallel and Cloud Computing Register

College of San Mateo

Introduction to DevOps Register

Courses in the New Computer Science Program Infused with Cybersecurity (pending). Courses include:

CIS 7 Control Structures and Objects Course #24002 Register

CIS 33 Software Arch. and Algorithms Course #23999 Register

I Coach !NULL the #5 Hacking Team in Fall 2018 NCL Nationals

I Facilitate Cyberpatriots Summer Camps for Middle+HS including competition coaching

We collaborate with City College of San Francisco to create opportunities for all students in the SF Bay Area. The need is much too great to be met by one college or district.

Rep. Ro Khanna - Advocate for SF Bay Area Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and Silicon Valley has an effective federal advocate in Rep. Ro Khanna. One of the few policy makers who is in touch with tech, he brings issues of internet governance and cybersecurity into the beltway. Shonda Scott captured his visit with Merritt's cybersecurity program.

Bitbucket Academy - Immersive Education for Computer Science

Bitbucket Academy grew out of a National Science Foundation (NSF) proposal to improve the way undergraduate computing education is delivered. It aims to empower learning communities and provide interactive self-assessment for student assignments.

Several graduates of Merritt's Cybersecurity program open up about realizing they can be part of a high-paying tech workforce.